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Professional advice for successful living at home

Professional advice for successful living at home:
Understanding how an Occupational Therapist can help you


A therapeutic occupation

Living your best life is a phrase very much in fashion right now. Yet what does it actually mean and how exactly, do you achieve it? At Stiltz Homelifts, we encounter many health professionals who all understand the importance of living well, especially in your own home, but it is the Occupational Therapist who can be the key to helping you get everything just right.

An Occupational Therapist, or OT for short, is quite the unsung hero of mobility needs and April is actually OT Awareness Month, so what better time than now to look at what an Occupational Therapist can do for you.

Independence and Well-being

Stuart Barrow is a South Wales-based Occupational Therapist who works closely with Stiltz Homelifts and he explains the role of an OT: “We are here to help people live their best life whenever we are needed. We help people overcome physical challenges their environment presents whether that’s in the home, self-care, productivity, or leisure. It isn’t condition-specific, the focus is firmly on maintaining or regaining independence with a tailored package of help, targeted to suit that person’s needs. So, if stairs are the issue we would consider solutions to overcome this. We want to understand what peoples’ priorities are so we can achieve a positive outcome. Everyone is not the same, so it’s vital to listen.”

Providing Options

This is exactly how Stiltz Homelifts work in partnership with an OT partnership. The role of an OT isn’t specific to those leaving hospital; a private Occupational Therapy consultation can be arranged at any time and can provide a vital professional perspective on needs within the home.

Stuart, like other OTs, regularly works on home adaptations and understands the process well. “Stairs are a significant issue and I’ve often recommended a Stiltz home lift or domestic lift to a client. People don’t always know what’s available and that stairlifts are no longer the only option. Safety is paramount and with a Stiltz domestic lift, you can guarantee not only safe transitions in and out but also secure transportation. A stairlift however takes up a disproportionate amount of space and is a potential hazard for other members of the household who might be using the stairs.”

If you think a Stiltz home lift could be right for you, then an OT can help you look at your home holistically, considering positioning as well as future-proofing by specifying the correct product for the long term. They can also provide a recommendation if a Disabled Facilities Grant is to be submitted. If the grant is awarded, the OT’s consultation fee can be claimed for.

Searching out the Best

April also marks both Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis awareness weeks; both conditions are in the spotlight. Billy Connolly, Michael J Fox and Jeremy Paxman are high-profile Parkinson’s sufferers, and Hollywood actress Selma Blair lives a cool ‘Insta-life’ with MS. All demonstrate it is feasible to live well regardless of mobility status. Taking control and seeking the best advice isn’t just for celebrities, an Occupational Therapist could furnish you with sufficient knowledge to do a lot of good.

At Stiltz Homelifts we are passionate about helping you live your best life; whatever that means to you.