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Home is where the heart is and for many of us, we are in a property we have invested a great deal of time and money into, making it just right for our needs and lifestyle. Our home itself will have brought us joy and happy memories in abundance. However, things change over time and sometimes our changing needs force us into considering whether a house move would be the best solution.

Time for a change

Perhaps for some, health issues are becoming more of a concern or you simply recognise that minimal exertion is important. If this is the case, coping with stairs in the home is no longer easy, particularly if your property has more than one storey as so many modern town houses do.

It is frustrating to feel that practical or health concerns will force us into a house move. For many in this position, a new modern Stiltz Home Lift could be an excellent solution, making them a hugely life-enhancing and indeed future proofing addition.

Convenient and stylish

New home elevators, such as the Stiltz domestic lift model, on the market these days can be installed almost anywhere in the home, offer quieter and faster access to multiple storeys as needed and are flexible enough to be used simply to aid getting around or transporting groceries, luggage, or even young children that might otherwise need to be carried.

This means that homeowners with a home lift get a home which is flexible and relevant for an entire life journey whilst containing a cutting-edge and prestigious piece of equipment. What is more, Stiltz Home Lifts are self-supporting and do not require any hydraulics or even supporting walls.

Installation can take as little as one day, and the only work needed to be carried out by a professional builder is for a small opening in the ceiling to be made for the domestic lift to pass between floors. It is increasingly easy to make this kind of change in your home, which can benefit you and your family for years to come.

Why future proof?

Home lifts are now proving popular for future-proofing the home in many popular in New Zealand such as Auckland and Wellington. Many home elevator customers are homeowners in their late 50s or 60s who have no immediate need for a domestic lift but also are determined they do not want to have to move home again and experience the upheaval and cost involved.

Installing a Stiltz home elevator can truly enhance the home itself as well as ensure that the homeowners are prepared for any mobility needs that may arise in the future. In the meantime, it provides them with a smooth and stylish way of transferring between the floors of their home.

Plus, if you should choose to move after all, having a stylish home lift in the home, ready and available to use for purposes of luggage, golf clubs or simply travelling between more than one floor swiftly is of benefit to any future purchasers.