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With New Zealand this week declaring itself free from coranavirus and proving it is possible to eliminate the transmission of Covid-19, the recent lockdown restrictions the country has had to endure has highlighted the importance of safety in the home.

For wheelchair users or individuals with mobility issues, such as older people or those with disabilities, the last few weeks and months may well have been an even more challenging time with extended periods of time having to be inside the house.

For people with reduced mobility, the possibilities of trips or falls in the home increase the more time is spent inside and social distancing restrictions will have meant no assistance from friends or family members to help people move between floors.

Whilst products such as stairlifts have their uses, for many users with mobility problems they are not always the best solution. Individuals often need help getting on and off stairlifts and those trying to do that themselves can lead to accidents and trip to the hospital.

That is why more and more homeowners are looking at alternative mobility solutions such as home lifts, otherwise known as home elevators or domestic lifts, as a way of seamlessly moving between floors independently.

Modern home lifts, such as the range of lifts available at Stiltz New Zealand, are simple to install and safe to use. The user enters the lift, pushes and holds the button down, and travels up to the next floor in around 30 seconds in most cases. Having that peace of mind that one can move around their home whenever they choose is massively reassuring to not only the person using the domestic lift but there nearest and dearest too.

Home lifts such as the Stiltz Duo Home Lift take up very little space and, because the elevators are freestanding and require no hydraulics or supporting walls, can be installed virtually anywhere in the home. Powered by a self-contained motor drive system, housed on top of the lift, the domestic lift travels through the floor on unique self-supporting rails.

These home elevators include multiple safety features and are extremely quiet when travelling from floor to floor. The makers of the Stiltz Home Lift have also made design at the heart of everything in order that the lifts are a welcome addition to any home, and ultimately are something to be proud of owning rather than a stairlift which are not as aesthetic pleasing.

As well as the range of Duo options which are designed with up to two people in mind, there is also a larger Trio domestic lift version available. This accommodates anyone in standard-sized wheelchair and offers all the same features as the Duo.

With offices in Auckland and Christchurch, Stiltz Home Lifts New Zealand installs its products all over the country and the team can be contacted on 0808 301 4851 or the contact us form can be completed here.