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What else do our customers use their Stiltz Home Lift for?

A positive impact on mobility around the home is the main factor for purchasing a Stiltz Home Lift, but have you ever thought about what other uses the lift might have to help make everyday life a little easier?

We recently asked our customers for feedback on what they think is the main difference between a Stairlift and a Home Lift. Out of the responses, a trend emerged. Our customers kept mentioning a Stiltz Home Lift was really useful for other tasks around the house:

  1. “You can transport things like laundry in a Home Lifts”
  2. “Home Lifts are easy for transporting small furniture items, household items and the laundry basket, etc.”
  3. “It makes it easy for me to get to bedrooms with washing and cleaning equipment”
  4. “My Home Lift will take 2 people and carry the vacuum cleaner upstairs – and piles of laundry.”
  5. “What a daft question! – Home Lifts have so many more advantages!”

So, not only can a Stiltz Home Lift be used for transporting laundry and cleaning supplies, it can also be used to move luggage, shopping and small bits of furniture too (as long as they’re within the permitted weight limit of the lift).

Many of our customers have taken the time to tell us that since installing their Home Lift, they have regained their independence and aren’t relying on other people to carry out household tasks or help them move around their own home. Several have also mentioned the worry of being able to travel between floors by themselves has now been put at ease. Home Lifts are seen as much safer alternative to other options, plus our customers find it a far less cumbersome and more stylish way to move around their home than if they had chosen a stairlift.

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