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Queen Elizabeth II recently had a Stiltz Trio+ Home Elevator installed in her country residence in Scotland in the UK, as part of future-proofing adaptations to the cottage.

This particular residential elevator was a perfect choice for both lifestyle and the property in which it has been installed.

All Stiltz home elevators are designed to offer independence at home, and with the Queen choosing to spend more time in Craigowan Lodge, the seven-bedroomed cottage in the grounds at Balmoral, it makes sense that she would choose to install a home lift to make the property more accessible.

Designed to be compact, discreet, yet elegant, Stiltz residential elevators fit beautifully into any style of décor, even a historic country residence. Whisper quiet running, and a neat hidden motor, means that a Stiltz in home elevator draws no attention to itself.

The Stiltz Trio+ Home Elevator is the largest of the Stiltz range of elevators. It has been specifically designed for those using a wheelchair or walking frame, or those wishing to travel with others.

This is ideal for the Queen who is likely often have staff attending to her or working alongside her in her daily duties. It also means the Queen will be able to comfortably rely on using a wheelchair if mobility becomes difficult.

Like all Stiltz residential elevators, the Trio+ Home Elevator is self-supporting, and runs on two vertical rails, through an aperture in the floor, which means it needs minimal alterations to the property.

In an important historical building like Craigowan Lodge, this is a huge bonus, meaning that the existing fabric of the building can remain intact.