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Perhaps you have been in your home for a good while and whilst you love it, maybe it is time for a refresh. Let 2020 be the year to tackle this and make some improvements that help you get the most out of your property and make it feel extra special. Think about going above and beyond what is simply functional or simply maintaining what you have, aim to make it truly inviting and remember you deserve a touch of luxury. Here are Stiltz Home Lifts New Zealand, here are five ways to upgrade your home and add just that.

Look at lighting

Luxury homes and hotels always get the lighting just right. So, enhance your own home’s luxury by re-evaluating your lighting situation and making sure you have enough lighting options in each room. This ensures that you can easily set the mood for the space to suit the occasion or task. You could install dimmers and add enough lamps to the room to give the room warmth. Perhaps find a large, beautiful light fixture to suit your dining room for when you are having dinner guests. Take a fresh look at your existing lamps and where they are positioned and check that you still love them, if you don’t, upgrade them with something stylish that you like more. Beautiful lights never cease to catch the eye and add form as well as function.


How many of us have enjoyed a soak in a hot tub or jacuzzi at a spa, hotel or gym and thought how lovely it would be to ease away any aches and pains with a bath like this every day? Well, maybe 2020 is the time to treat yourself? If you do not have space for a hot tub or jacuzzi in the garden check out a spa bath to replace your existing one in the bathroom. The bubble effects are just like a regular jacuzzi, you just enjoy the soak solo! What better way to relax and feel pampered.

Renew decking

A practical one as well as making sure your garden looks good. If you have had your deck a while, remember they are not usually designed to last forever and our extremes of weather can lead the timber to deteriorate and start to look a little more shabby, so the constant maintenance becomes a bind we could do without. As well as avoiding the need to constantly treat the timber, modern composite decking could make it a wise choice to replace timber with too if you are prone to slip or your existing deck becomes precarious after rain. Whatever material you choose, replacing your external deck with fresh timbers or composite wood effect ones can help you fall in love with the garden again and if you tackle this early in the year you will have plenty of time left to enjoy it before winter sets in.

A porch to be proud of

Of course you love your home, but does it still have curb appeal? If you are not sure, maybe it is time to refresh the entrance way. A new front door can really change and update the front of your home for the better and give it renewed appeal every time you arrive home, not to mention when visitors stop by. Or, if you could use a little more space when arriving home to sit and deal with taking off footwear, or for storing coats, seek advice from a builder about adding a porch to give you a little more room at the front of the house.

Install a domestic lift

Are the stairs becoming a bit of an effort, particularly when you need to carry something up or down them too? Consider joining the many New Zealanders who plan to stay in their homes into old age and have sought to ‘future proof’ their home with the installation of a luxury domestic lift, also known as a home lift or home elevator. The range of domestic lifts by Stiltz are self-supporting, require no load bearing walls and take up very little space, with a bespoke design to suit the décor of your home. If you have difficulties with mobility as you age you will already have guarded against the need to consider a move elsewhere or having to install a traditionally old stair lift. In the meantime, what a classy way to make it that much easier to travel between floors, especially if you have laundry, luggage or golf clubs to move around.