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Property prices in New Zealand have seen significant growth in the last three months of 2019 according to reports. In fact, it has been the strongest increase recorded since 2016. The national average property price is now $710,129.

In particular, Auckland and Dunedin have contributed most to this national rise, with Auckland showing a 1.9 per cent increase in the last quarter of 2019. Dunedin topped the list of quarterly rises with an 8.7 per cent three-month increase.

The reason behind such increases is considered to be the ‘demand/supply imbalance’. As a country we are experiencing low unemployment, low interest rates and a solid economy. Whilst this gives us all a stronger opportunity to buy, the number of houses available is reasonably low, so with new housing stock slow to become available it is expected that this modest but steady growth will continue.

With this scenario in mind many Kiwis are keen to invest in their homes to ensure they remain fit for purpose for the way they live both now and in the future. Knowing that it is not always easy to find a new home that does not require compromise, it is proving better for many New Zealand homeowners to look for ways in which to maximise the potential of their current home.

One such example is installing a home lift. With ingenious modular build systems and one day installation times and the flexibility to site a contemporary home lift in almost any location for a typical cost of around $23,000 it is not surprising that more and more New Zealanders are adding a domestic lift, such as by Stiltz, to their list of potential home improvements.

A home elevator has also been found to be an appealing feature for potential buyers. With an increasingly ageing population, many see the alternative to stairs in split level homes as an impressive selling point. Useful for transporting luggage, laundry, sports equipment or for when you have house guests, a home lift is a useful dumbwaiter.

A potential buyer may, of course, have a pre-existing mobility concern of their own or on behalf of a relative which makes a built-in domestic lift an attractive proposition. Alternatively, it is likely that a potential purchaser may find it to be a welcome talking point to the home, contributing to the ease of travel between floors whilst adding a contemporary and stylish practical feature. Domestic lifts such as the Stiltz Duo Home Lift boast one of the smallest footprints available on the market and can be designed to suit their surroundings in such a way as to complement the décor too.

When the time is right to leave a property, with a home lift in place it can potentially result in the house selling for a higher price. So, as well as being versatile, comfortable and convenient whilst living there, a through the floor home lift could prove to be a particularly wise investment when the time comes to move house.