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There comes a point for many of us when mobility issues or difficulty climbing the stairs mean that we must seriously consider the options of where we live. Whether this is moving in with family members, or into single-story accommodation, accessible independent living communities, or an assisted living home, research shows that many seniors say that they would prefer to remain in their own family home, and age in place. A residential elevator from Stiltz makes this option a reality and many of our senior customers have made this choice for themselves.

Here Stiltz Home Elevators consider the reasons that seniors choose to install a home lift over moving.

Costs of moving home

Whatever the type of move, there are nearly always high costs associated with relocating. If a homeowner is buying and selling property, (for example selling the family home and buying a condo or single story house), the tax and real estate brokers fees are estimated to total between 8.70% – 10.925% of the property value. Add to this the costs of the physical move which is an average of £1200, and if it’s an interstate or cross-country move, considerably more. Then there are the inevitable costs that you incur moving into a new home – perhaps new furniture to fit, and possibly decorating and any renovations.

If the move is into care or assisted living there are – often considerable – ongoing service charges to budget for too. By installing a residential elevator into the existing home and removing the need to relocate these costs can be avoided.

Low stress option

Costs aside, the stress and hassle of a home move can be considerable, especially when the homeowner has lived in the same place for some years. There is a reason a house move is up there in the rankings of the most stressful life events. Finding a new home that is suitable, dealing with realtors and lawyers and the physical packing up and moving are all stress inducing. By staying in place, and adapting the family home to your mobility needs with a home elevator takes away the need for the stress of a move.

Benefits of staying local

When you have lived somewhere for a few years, perhaps raised a family and built connections with local friends and neighbors, the roots set down help to form our daily lives and personal community. Many seniors say that to lose this by moving from their local area later in life would be detrimental to their social network and mental health. Upgrading the current home with a residential elevator means that seniors can continue their local social activities and keep old friends and contacts nearby, making sure that they stay connected to the community they know.

Retaining Independence

It has been shown that maintaining a sense of independence is vital to the good mental health of seniors. There is a rising trend for older parents to move in with their adult children as they become less mobile and feel they need more help. Although this might seem like a good solution, all too often it results in creating difficulties in the relationship. Likewise, seniors who move into care before strictly necessary can suffer from a premature loss of independence. Enabling seniors to access their whole home by fitting a home elevator means that they have the benefit of retaining their independence far longer than those who choose to move.

Room for all the family

Another huge benefit cited by seniors, to installing a residential elevator and remaining in the family home longer is that it gives the family a base to return to. When seniors downsize and move into smaller accommodation it is harder for the adult children and grandchildren to come and visit as there is no where to stay. By staying in the larger family home, the family have space to stay over during Christmas and vacations and it is much easier to get the whole family together in the place where they made their memories growing up.