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Domestic lifts are fast becoming the ‘go to’ option for New Zealanders to install in their homes for a number of reasons.

Having a home lift situated in the property is particularly useful for people in later life when the stairs start to become challenging. For those with more extreme mobility issues or disabilities, a domestic lift can indeed be a ‘life-changing’ mobility solution and a much more practical and aeathically pleasing alternative to a stairlift.

With a stairlift, the user might also still need some assistance getting on and off the device, whereas as a home lift means the individual can maintain their independence and travel to any section of the home whenever they want. There are many other reasons why a home lift is a better choice than a stairlift.

As well as the genuine ‘need’ for a home elevator solution, some customers choose to install a domestic lift in their home as a way of future-proofing their home for use in later life. For people in their fifties or sixties who have no intention of ever moving house, a domestic lift provides them with a ‘ready-made’ solution which takes away any concerns they might have about staying in their home as they get older.

Other useful benefits of having a domestic lift is it can act as a brilliant dumbwaiter. Many customers use the lift for transporting heavy goods from one floor to the next. These includes such awkward items as cases, the vacuum cleaner and the laundry basket. Even grandparents have spoken of the benefit of being able to carry their grandchild between floors in the lift without having to navigate tricky stairs.

At Stiltz New Zealand, we offer two types of domestic lift – the Duo which is more suited for two people and the Trio – a larger lift designed to accommodate a wheelchair or carry up to three people. The Trio home lift is a good option for wheelchair users who may need a carer to travel with them between floors.

Because of the intelligent design and innovative drive system, the Stiltz range of domestic lifts can also be installed in virtually any part of New Zealand two-storey home. The options for where a customer can put them their Stiltz are almost limitless.

Both models enable customers to add extra equipment too if necessary, such as a fold down seat, interior grab rail, full height door and even bespoke colours and finishes. That is why a domestic lift is an extremely useful product to have in any house and one that can also add value to the home.

With offices in Auckland and Christchurch, Stiltz New Zealand installs its products all over the country and the team can be contacted on 0800 926677 or the contact us form can be completed here.