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Future Proof Your Home with a Stiltz Home Elevator

Home is where the heart is and for many of us, we are in a property we have invested a great deal of time and money into, making it just right for our needs and lifestyle. Our home itself will have brought us joy and happy memories in abundance. However, things change...

Where is the Best Place to Install a Home Lift?

Say the words 'home lift' to someone who has not seen a modern domestic lift installed in a home recently and it is quite possible they would respond with ‘ Hmm, that’s a good idea in theory but I don’t think there’s anywhere I could put one of those in my house’....

How Much Does a Home Lift Cost to Install in New Zealand?

Home lifts have previously sat firmly in two camps, they were either a luxury commodity only found in the grandest of homes, or they were a clunky, medical-looking mobility device for those needing wheelchair transport between the floors of their home. However, with...

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